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"My child has grown in confidence since attending the book club"  

BeLifted's book club is targeted at young girls aged 7-15 years old, in the areas of East London, Barnet, Brent and Camden. It's free of charge to the community and exists to help young people not only with their reading, but with their comprehension, reading aloud and growing in confidence when it comes to understanding stories, words and characters. Young people suffered hugely due to the closure of schools and the lack of teaching due to Covid. BeLifted carried out research which uncovered the need for our services. We work with a qualified English and History teacher to help young people improve their language skills. If you would like your child to join our class or would like further information we would love to hear from you, you cant contact us here.


100% attendance rate​

95% engagement from children

95% of learning outcomes met

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