Girl Got Faith Magazine

December 04, 2017

For the women, BeLifted is more than your typical circuit training class, ’It’s about the power of the Word of God in fitness and how that doesn’t just keep your body fit but also exercises your mind. “When God transforms your mind with the Word, you are an unstoppable force in the Kingdom. But you have to get your mind right.” 

Black Beauty and Hair Magazine

December 04, 2017

Fitness establishments for years have focused on the external, refined muscles, strong biceps and better looking legs,bums and tums. A healthy body is important but imagine if you could exercise your mind as well as your body?  

BeLifted is London’s first gospel fitness business. Working out to motivational, inspiring, uplifting and powerful music with words that have the ability to transform and change a person’s mindset being the key ingredient. 

She Aspires

December 04, 2017

The face of fitness is changing. There's a new kid and it’s aim is to inspire people while they workout with powerful versus from the Word of God.

BeLifted is London's first Gospel fitness business. Working out to music with words that have the ability to transform and change a persons mindset is the key ingredient. 

A keen focus on exercising the body and being healthy, but also placing emphasis on exercising the mind with uplifting music that contains words which can change a persons mindset. 

It was started by an entrepreneur, tired of working out to music that contained words which were not only contrary to her beliefs but also lacked that unique ingredient – God.

Inspire Magazine

November 06, 2017

Imagine being able to get fit, while hearing the Word of God? Well, imagine no longer, BeLifted is here and it’s claimed to be London’s first answer to Gospel fitness.

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